About Me

How could my cholesterol possibly be pushing 300? I’m a 36 year old guy who is 6ft tall 160-165 pounds. I’m not overweight by any means, in fact if you saw me on the street you would think I was thin. So, I ask you again how could my cholesterol possibly be pushing 300? I don’t eat a lot of red meat and I try to eat a salad with lunch a few times a week. That should be enough right?

Turns out, not so much. The first thing I thought of were the Oatmeal commercials. “I ate Oatmeal for 30 days and I lowered my cholesterol by 15 points.” 15 points? How much Oatmeal do I need to eat to lower it over 100 points? Besides that, how much Charmin do I need to buy to take care of the after effects?

So I decided I needed to adjust my eating habits in a way that was sustainable. Look for opportunities to lower my fat intake without sacrificing to much flavor in the process. We’ll see.

My intent is to document that journey and any learning’s along the way. I’m not an expert, health guru, chef, product taster or restaurant critic but I play one in this blog.   If you are interested in having me test a product or have any other input please email me below.


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