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hickory farms

A couple of foods are staples in my house during the Superbowl. Chili, which is going to be a future entry, and a hickory farms beef stick to snack on. In keeping with my effort to see if I can sacrifice fat but not flavor I picked up a hickory farms turkey summer sausage instead.

The first thing I noticed is that the turkey versions come in a few different flavors. A little red flag went 21_t.jpgup when I saw this because I wondered if they were trying to “enhance” the flavor of the turkey version by adding something. In the beef version all we need is the smoked meat goodness but for the turkey one I was forced to choose something with added honey and brown sugar or jalapeno.

Turns out my red flag was right. The first thing I noticed was the color, it seemed a little to light for a smoked meat product and the texture just didn’t have that snap that I have come to expect from hickory farms. For me there was no comparison between the turkey summer sausage and the traditional beef stick. Overall the turkey version was edible, it was just a completely different product and not something I’ll be including in future Superbowl menus.

The one thing you can’t ignore about the two though is the comparison in fat. Looking at 2oz of both products the regular beef stick has 190 calories with 150 of them from fat including 9 grams of Sat Fat and 1 gram of Trans Fat. The turkey version, however, has a more modest 90 calories with 30 of it from Fat including 1 gram of Sat Fat and no Trans Fat. Those numbers do show a huge difference but honestly I would just skip the turkey stick and eat more chili, salsa and guacamole all of which are tasty and if prepared right good for you.