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Pizza is a weakness for me and something that can pack a high cholesterol punch.   Sure you can make it “lighter” or better for you, but when I think pizza I really think pepperoni and cheese.   So, I tried Hormel’s version of Turkey Pepperoni vs. their normal pepperoni to see if I could eat a little healthier without sacrificing flavor.   

Looking at the nutrition facts I was happy to find that the turkey version of this popular dried meat has 70% less fat than the regular kind.   Guess what else…..I can’t taste the difference.    I took a slice of both, plain, without anything else to distract me and ate them one at a time….to me there was no difference.  So imagine when you throw in the sauce, a little cheese, etc.  you won’t miss the fat.    This is the best find yet.  



According to the Mayo Clinic, walnuts “can significantly reduce blood cholesterol. Rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, walnuts also help keep blood vessels healthy and elastic. Almonds appear to have a similar effect, resulting in a marked improvement within just four weeks.”

I happen to like Walnuts, my wife says they taste like dirt.    It appears that for Walnuts to be effective in reducing cholesterol about 20% of your daily calories need to come from the nut.   That seems like a lot, but these little guys are packed with calories so about a generous handful a day should do the trick.  

I have about a 40min drive to work everyday so I started making a little cholesterol busting trail mix to take with me on the drive.   Walnuts, Almonds (both without salt), Honey Nut Cheerios (it says on the box it can reduce cholesterol so who am I to argue), and orange flavored Craisins.