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average cholesterol in u.s. is 199

The Associated Press recently reported that for the first time in 50 years Americans average cholesterol is ideal at 199.  Researchers at the CDC found that adults with cholesterol 240 or higher dropped to only 16% of the population.    Fantastic!   If I wasn’t already upset that my numbers were high, now I find out how small my peer group actually is…and that is if the cut off is 240.   I’m about 60 points higher than that!     The only thing that made me feel better about this survey was that most experts are attributing the reduction to the recent increase in prescribing cholesterol lowering drugs.     

Just because I’m trying to lower my number naturally doesn’t mean that I’m against the drugs.  In fact I may end up taking one of them one day.   My goal is just to see if I can make more positive eating choices that will enhance my overall health and lower my numbers without feeling that I’m missing out on great food.  


Full Article HereSo to the 84 of you reading this blog that are in a good place, congrats on being part of the average.   For those of you that are like me and part of the elite 16…your Mom always said you were a leader!