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recipe corner – pizza

This isn’t the most creative recipe for pizza but it isn’t intended to be.  It also isn’t the lowest cholesterol version of pizza available but again it isn’t intended to be.   It is a reduced cholesterol version of pepperoni pizza….period.

1 Boboli Wheat Pizza Crust

Hormel Turkey Pepperoni

3/4 cup shredded low fat mozzarella cheese

Your favorite pizza sauce

Freshly grated Parmesan cheese to taste


red pepper flakes

Place all the ingredients on the crust and bake to the package specifications.  Not a lot of measurements in this recipe except the cheese.    Really the point is to limit the amount of mozzarella and make up for it by adding extra sauce, Parmesan, and other flavors.   Using the turkey pepperoni vs. the regular one saves you A LOT of saturated fat and using the wheat crust helps add a little fiber.  

If you are at the grocery store and intend to buy a frozen pizza, DON’T.   Just do this instead.   It actually takes less time because the crust isn’t frozen, it tastes better because everything is fresh, and it will be less fat.



Pizza is a weakness for me and something that can pack a high cholesterol punch.   Sure you can make it “lighter” or better for you, but when I think pizza I really think pepperoni and cheese.   So, I tried Hormel’s version of Turkey Pepperoni vs. their normal pepperoni to see if I could eat a little healthier without sacrificing flavor.   

Looking at the nutrition facts I was happy to find that the turkey version of this popular dried meat has 70% less fat than the regular kind.   Guess what else…..I can’t taste the difference.    I took a slice of both, plain, without anything else to distract me and ate them one at a time….to me there was no difference.  So imagine when you throw in the sauce, a little cheese, etc.  you won’t miss the fat.    This is the best find yet.