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hot dogs

When I was thinking about what foods I eat that can’t be good for me, Hot Dogs came to mind right away.   So I bought a couple of options.   I picked a soy based dog called “Smart Dogs” by Lightlife and Turkey dog by Louis Rich.

smart dog

I started with the one I was least excited about trying, the Smart Dog.   The marketing says, “The world’s first FAT FREE hot dog.  Real hot dog flavor with the snap of a meat frank…without the fat, calories or nitrites.”   How could I have not heard about this earlier?  Fat Free and real hot dog flavor…..that sounds like exactly what I was looking for…..hey why is it a light brown?   After getting over the color I took my first bite and honestly that is as far as I got.     To get an idea of what it’s like take a banana (for the texture) and marinate it in liquid smoke for about 3 months.    Then slap some mustard on it and slam it down.    I kept the pack in my fridge for a few weeks and then tossed them, but luckily they were only $4.29 for a pack vs. the $1.25 I got the Turkey dogs for.  Smart Dogs get a VETO!

Next on to the Turkey dogs by Louis Rich.   Again the color was different than a normal hot dog, but not as off as the soy dog of death.     For these I was pleasantly surprised, I could eat em and they tasted pretty good.     Looking at the numbers these have 8% of my Saturated fat and 8% of my cholesterol for the day, but compared to a normal dog that has 24% of my Saturated fat and 18% of my daily cholesterol I’m saying this first test is a victory.

So here is how I eat em.    Louis Rich Turkey Dog, store brand wheat bun, Grey Poupon and Sabrett’s Onion in Sauce.     Is it a Nathans, Pinks or Dodger Dog?   Nope, but a very real alternative.